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Being Human

One of the things I love and appreciate about clothes free life and clothes free yoga is that it reminds me that I am human, and that being human is all that should be expected of me.

Often times it feels like there is so much pressure to always go and go and go with no true rest or separation from the grind. I see it both in my own experience and in the experience of others. Always answering email while on vacation. Never REALLY leaving the office. Overtime becomes normal. Answering every call, email, text, whatever…it all becomes normal. Sitting all day at a desk, not doing things I love becomes normal. Then I wonder why I feel burnt out or upset.


And that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate having a job and responsibilities and interactions that keep me active and contributing to the world. But there has to be a balance. It’s actually NOT OK to behave like a robot, to operate without rest. Even computers and machines need to shut down; sometimes turning things off and on or uninstalling and reinstalling are all that are needed for fresh functional starts.

Clothes free life, especially clothes free yoga, reminds me to live my true humanity. This has given me access to having some difficult and honest conversations at work where I’ve begun to draw boundaries and say No. It has also helped in my interactions elsewhere in life off that mat.

Clothes free life: permission to be human. Permission to just be.

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