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Obstacles To Becoming A Nudie from YNA

Reflecting on this now I realize how therapeutic this was. I was a skinny, shy, self-conscious kid who grew up in a Catholic household that unequivocally linked nudity to sex and shame. As a result, I grew up with some pretty crippling body image issues. I couldn’t even bring myself to wear shorts and t-shirts in public. Even during the hottest days of summer I’d be bundled up in jeans and long-sleeved shirts, constantly flirting with the threat of heat prostration.

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2 thoughts on “Obstacles To Becoming A Nudie from YNA

  1. This is totally awesome. This part in particular:

    “I don’t wanna see other people naked, I wanna be naked. I wanna be completely immersed in the elements without the burden of a wet, cold, clingy swimsuit. I don’t want any barriers between me, the surf, the sand and the sun.”

    speaks to me. It’s the kind of mindset that, when others express it, makes me feel more comfortable about trying social nudism. Hope that, perhaps, when I go to a clothes free event or resort, that people won’t comment on my body at all. That they, like me, will just want to be naked and engaged in awesome things together.

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