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Day 8 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge JUST BE

Day 8 Just Be Yoga Challenge

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In “The Heart of Yoga” TKV Desikachar says this regarding Santosha or contentment, one of the Niyamas:

“Often we hope for a particular result to ensue from our actions, and we are just as often disappointed. But there is no need to despair – rather, we should accept what has happened. That is the real meaning of santosha – to accept what happens.”

This is a constant practice for me. For instance yesterday, when I went to yoga class, I wanted to beast everything and incorporate what I had learned from a workshop prior. My body, however, was done after all the exercises performed in the workshop. I was falling all over the place. At some point during the class, I took deep breaths in Child’s Pose and accepted how my body was feeling, rather than fighting it and being angry. I also wound up seeing how I was feeling about something and accepting that feeling, JUST BEING with that feeling. Once I accepted all this, I broke into tears and had an amazing release. My nervous system settled, and I walked away from class feeling at peace.

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