Day 7 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge: STILL

Day 7 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge: STILL

Day 7 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

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Just be STILL

I express stillness today in Tree Pose with this photo edit, because this is usually how I feel by the time tree pose is called in hot power yoga class. We will have gone through lots of sun salutations, vitality series, and heart-racing balancing poses. I feel awake and alive, but I also feel like a kite in the sky on a windy day, and then BOOM, “Take tree pose. Get still.”

Tree pose reminds me that stillness is a practice, and that I can choose to practice stillness in any pose. It also reminds me that I don’t have to change what I feel. In yoga class, I might feel stirred or anxious. I might even feel nausea depending on what I’ve eaten or what things are weighing on my heart. It is tempting for me to fix it, to try to make myself more “yogic” and perfect and better so that I can have a “good” practice, be a “good” yogini. This pose reminds me that, rather than trying to fix what I feel, I can simply be STILL and JUST BE with whatever is coming up. This has become especially clear for me since practicing yoga clothes free and living a clothes free life. Rather than try to fix myself, I simply choose to be still and just be me, just as I am.

And I can practice stillness when boogie-boarding the waves of life: an uncomfortable conversation, contentious meetings, traffic, waiting to hear back from the doctor, deadlines at work, etc. No matter what is going on, no matter what feelings I experience, I can choose to practice stillness and just be.

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  1. Well we are going to be still and just be amazed at your inspiring abilities !! Have a great day my friend 🙂

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