Day 11 of JUST BE Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

Day 11 of JUST BE Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

Day 11 of JUST BE Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

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Today I express Willing in Viparita Karani / Legs up the Wall (or, you know, legs up the file cabinet).

Recently I came face to face with the physical stresses I had been putting on my body. I’ve had some schedule changes that require more physical exercise in certain areas of work that I do, but I wasn’t adjusting my yoga practice to support those changes. And…it definitely showed in my body: I was getting sore, tight, and nearing injury in various places. I was losing flexibility, range of motion and strength.

I had to be willing to take a different approach. So, in the past few weeks, I’ve mixed up different types of yoga practices on different days. My body is thanking me for listening to it and finding the best yoga practice each day – be it yin, be it gentle flow, be it heated power – to support it, rather than being set in my old ways of power power power all the time.

The same is true for me off the mat. I had to be willing to change how I approach work, especially since I was new at my job this year AND it has been a year of significant transition for my office. I had to be willing to slow down, start from the beginning and take my time learning. Once I started doing that, I actually found my work mojo again and recently created new procedures that increase efficiency and make it easier for staff to be in compliance with regulations. It also made me more effective. Even this morning I came up with a pilot process, and my boss was thrilled. This was something I couldn’t access in myself before.

Once I was willing to let go of my old ways, I blossomed.

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