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The whimsical clothes free iPad art of Andrew Chambers

A few months ago I came across what I thought was some whimsical, intriguing and well done clothes free (nude) art on twitter. When I explored more the artist further I was even more intrigued to discover these beautifully done pieces were created on an iPad. I reached out to the artist Andrew Chambers and invited him to have his work showcased on this site. This is the second in our artist gallery series which is part of our continued effort to cover a wide range of clothes free life. We are proud to share the work of Andrew Chambers with our readers. Hear how Andrew came to create theses pieces depicting ordinary activities clothes free and take in his exceptional work.

Andrew trained as a jeweler at The John Cass School of Art in London when he was 16, he has always enjoyed drawing but never found the time to pursue this aspect of his creativity due to heavy work demands and a busy family life.

When given a gift of an iPad he discovered the drawing apps available enabling him to use the iPad as a screen to experiment with, he found the many tutorials available inspired him create pictures with different finishes until he found a style that he enjoyed.

Using his fingers as a paintbrush he started creating landscapes from his local area which led to adding a figure to create a focal point to the picture. His figures represent carefree living, the naked lifestyle in the spirit of freedom not worrying about how you look, just enjoying the outdoor life. He uses bright, vibrant colors to enhance feelings of pleasure and joy to his scenes.

The iPad experience has led him back to the classroom where he enjoys life drawing using a variety of media. He is working on a new series of pictures using watercolors. He was lucky enough to be selected to add his work on the Artfinder site where he sells his prints.

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