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Why most people don’t understand social nudity

So far the topics being discussed here have mostly not dealt in much depth with what could be accurately described as “philosophy”. Some of the psychological discussions come close, but that’s not quite the same.

Of course, systematic philosophical thinking doesn’t come easily to a lot of people. However, it can be argued that just that kind of thinking can help understand why it is so difficult to explain to most people what social nudity is really about. This post is going to make that argument.

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curator’s note Read this fantastic thoughtful piece on the reasons for the societal misunderstanding of social clothes free life

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3 thoughts on “Why most people don’t understand social nudity

  1. It is wonderful to finally understand social nudity how it should be,   not tied to lust, rather divorced from it.      And i agree,  first social nude experience should be with a friend or with a purpose,   I had a wonderful first time by going to a resort to attend a small preplanned meeting.  A specific group to meet with.  That worked great even though I’d never met any of them before.   I had a purpose to be there and meetings to attend.

  2. This is an AMAZING, well-thought, well-written piece. As a newbie to the clothes free lifestyle, and one who still only practices it behind closed (almost wrote ‘clothed doors’), I struggle a lot with this. My current interactions are all via social media, and they have been mostly difficult at best, for many of the reasons covered in this article.

    These parts in particular speak to me right now:

    “Social nudity is difficult for most people to understand because they have not, from personal experience, developed an appropriate schema in which to comprehend it. Instead, most people are able to comprehend nudity in general, or social nudity in particular, with the only schema they have developed related to nudity, namely the schema for sexual encounters. This schema, of course, is not appropriate for naturist social nudity.”
    → This is very apparent in most of the encounters I have on social media. In one way or another, sex becomes the theme of the discussion, and it spirals down a hole. It seems to be the only topic that gets people to talk at all, which is what worries me. I have a true desire to interact with and connect with people, but nobody seems to want to talk about anything but sex. So, I don’t talk with many people at all, then. It can feel lonely and pointless at times. But rather than being angry and mad about it, this article helps me to see a deeper aspect. We don’t generally have different schema developed to relate to nudism in any other way, so of course that’s where discussions go. That’s all many people know.

    “One alternative is to try to educate people about social nudity by means such as stories, pictures, online videos, narrative descriptions, etc. The reason that such efforts usually fail is that they do not provide a person with direct experience in his/her own body of what social nudity is actually like. And so a conceptual schema that is appropriate for social nudity is never formed.”
    → This is such an amazingly good point. I am very much the kind of person who needs that visceral experience in order to understand anything. It’s like reading about yoga and trying to ‘get it’ that way without actually doing any yoga.

    “Unfortunately, the emotions and feelings associated with social nudity are not at all as generally recognized as are those associated with marriage. And so most people who haven’t experienced those emotions and feelings can’t understand what social nudity is about. If they think about the subject at all, they have nothing but inappropriate metaphors and analogies to work with. Both marriage and social nudity can be adequately understood only in terms of emotions and feelings. Purely intellectual descriptions, or pictures, videos, etc., do not suffice for proper understanding.”
    → I’ve seen this a lot in my own experience as well as what I perceive from others’ shares in their naked endeavors online.

    I have concretely determined that my first in-person social engagement in clothes free activities must not be done alone. There are many issues with which I still struggle, so going out on my own is not the most healthful idea just yet. I am excited to be in the midst of those in the clothes free lifestyle who actually do live from a completely different framework. I want to see how folks who do understand social nudism act, even from the littlest detail.

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