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OPINION: Is it OK to be naked in front of your kids?

Editor’s note: Kelly Wallace is CNN’s digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two girls. Read her other columns and follow her reports at CNN Parents and on Twitter. (CNN) – Let me say at the start that there is no way around the topic of nakedness in […]

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2 thoughts on “OPINION: Is it OK to be naked in front of your kids?

  1. I don’t recall ever seeing my parents naked, and if I ever did, it must have been when I was quite young. I do remember that my mom ceased her bath-time visits with me when I turned 13 or so, as if to reinforce the training that I should not be seen naked by any woman other than my wife.

    As a result, I had trouble even being seen by a female doctor or other medical care-provider for many years. I was in my early 50’s before I started allowing female doctors to care for me. Becoming a nudist a few years ago has revolutionized my health-care, because I am no longer afraid of being seen by a female doctor. My urologist checked me out yesterday, and I had no problem discussing our issues of concern with her, including my ED, and her doing a full “male exam”. I trust her completely, because I know that she cares about me. I just wish that it hadn’t taken me this long to get to this point.

    Parents who do treat common nudity as “normal” are giving their children a HUGE advantage when they become adults, and have their own right to decide who can or can’t see them naked. Body-shame is a horrible thing to instill in children.

  2. Home nudity with the family is normal and natural. Especially for families with limited bathroom space. My ex and I had a pool which we and our 3 kids (2 boys 1 girl) enjoyed nude. When the kids got into their late teens it became less for them especially when they had friends over. Even then the wife and I often remained nude with no negative reaction form our children or their friends. Everyone just knew/understood it was our norm.

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