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Nude at work

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      1. This video is about a 27-year-old guy named Hervé who is an IT specialist at a communications organization. He is a nudist, and he distinguishes that he is a nudist, not a naturist, as, the way he sees it, a nudist expresses his own freedom from clothing while a naturist has a broader concern regarding the planet.

        He is nude while at work. He admits that at first it was not easy for everyone, especially those who are clothed. Now, after a bit of taming, people are used to it. He says they are open-minded. His assistant also notes that at first it was a bit of a shock. However, now everything is fine. It is like a family there.

        Although Hervé is nude, he does wear shoes for several reasons, one of them being that the bathroom floor is pretty cold.

        Overall, Hervé believes that there is nothing wrong with the naked man, but that society corrupts it. So, he’s modestly trying to demonstrate that being nude is normal just by engaging in his every day life while nude, including work. He hopes that others will join him and that it will promote harmony, lightness / casualness, and being natural.

        At the end of the day, a surprise: he’s clothed! He is returning home, and he’s wearing clothes, because otherwise his lady feels uncomfortable.

        And the reporter notes that 2 weeks after this report, Hervé wound up in an elevator that was a bit too crowded. I didn’t quite catch the very end, but the situation had to do with his foreskin against something.

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