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Stepping Out

hontouniheart%20bw%20windowgazeI was reading a few great articles by clothes free bloggers, mainly: “A House Divided Cannot Stand – What’s Happening to the Clothes Free Community” and, “Why isn’t social nudity thriving?” as well as thought-provoking comments on those posts.

I am 2 months into my clothes free journey. As it unfolds, I feel the desire to connect with other clothes free folks in the area. At the moment, all of my clothes free connections are through social media. Certainly, it is a powerful medium; I am constantly moved and inspired by rich and inspiring exchanges that emerge from these places. At the same time, I feel a bit isolated and alone in my city. I don’t actually share the lifestyle or experience with any other human in my vicinity.

It is wonderful that there are resorts, beaches and other places that are clothes free or clothing optional.

At the same time, distance can be an issue. I have one main job and several other small jobs, so time is not always abundant for longer travel to these places. I take into account whatever financial responsibilities I have (student loans are a beast). I also don’t own a car. So, going to existing designated clothing optional / clothes free areas would mean setting aside significant time and funding just for that. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; any vacation would require the same investment.

But that’s just it: my clothes free lifestyle is not a vacation. It’s my everyday life. I wake up in my own skin, prepare food, do laundry, read, write, clean, chat, dance, and work (if at home) clothes free.

The thing is, I want to be able to take the metro or bus for $1 – $5 to a place in the metropolitan area, throw my mat down and do clothing optional yoga with folks on a Wednesday night, and then be home by 9:30pm in time to sleep and wake up for work the next morning.

 How do I find people in my neighborhood with whom I can share this experience on a more regular basis, in more everyday ways? If I create such opportunities on my own, how do I find other people who would want to engage with me here in the city? On major social sites, colleagues from all of my jobs are connected to me, so I could lose my jobs should I make an announcement. And everybody knows everybody, so finding more work and having references could be challenging. Yet, what other options are there? Are we all hiding in the walls waiting for a safe invitation? Who goes first? Duck, duck, goose
 I continue to research what is available as well as decide on setting aside resources to go to places and creating activities on my own. Those are my responsibilities. At the same time, I’d also love to hear how folks have navigated these kinds of elements in their personal clothes free experiences. How did you end up at your first social clothes free event? How did you create your social clothes free world?
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15 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Great post – I’ve been wondering the same thing. As I explore this new side of myself – I’m having a hard time finding people to connect with live & in person. Looking forward to following along with you.

  2. I found nude beaches in my area and frequently went to them. Eventually I joined a non landed naturist club that held meetings and outdoor activities. They introduced me to other areas and clubs. As a result one of my requirements in choosing where to live is having a nudist venue within a 2 hour drive of my home. I now live in a nudist community full-time and I’m very happy.

  3. After reading, considering, I suggest: Taking an effort to network offline is a possibility. Many cities still have newspapers and carefully worded (discreet) Classified ads MAY be accepted; but in some areas it may be only arts and entertainment weeklies will allow ANY mention of “naturism” or “clothing-optional” and sadly print ads are expensive! Also seek out free bulletin boards with local business cards and ‘For Rent’ notes. I did this on one locally and several months later the entire board was gone, so unfortunately not everyone will support freedom of speech openly! Newspapers and bulletin boards are definitely “old fashioned”, but definitely worth considering if you have this passion!

  4. My first in-person social nudism was arranging a visit to an established nudist “park” (park then, “resort” now) that is an hour drive away. I figured the best way to meet authentic nudists safely, was to go where nudists go together. In more recent years my efforts to organize a home town group have taught me two things: 1.) It takes money to organize people and conduct pleasant meeting those in attendance will enjoy, and 2.) Your success will be dramatically increased with the assistance of at least one like-minded, equally motivated person! In other words, solo efforts are more work and less likely to succeed. Good luck!

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