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What clothes free living unlocked in me

 There are things inside me that I had been wanting to experience, but couldn’t touch. It wasn’t just a matter of desiring to do something, but the desire to desire anything at all. I was lost in a down spin of depression and inaction. Layers wrapped all about my skin, I couldn’t feel. And so, I took to eating to capture a feeling, to fill a void and, at the same time, to avoid feeling. I would come home from work or yoga or an outing, curl up on the couch and just eat constantly until bed time while the TV flashed before my eyes.

Then, one day about a month ago, I took my clothes off. Not only did I feel air in the most private of places, I noticed it on my belly and chest, air caressing me, massaging my skin.

I felt.

With that, rather than sitting on the couch eating emptiness, I woke up. I began to feel again. I wanted to read, to write, to connect. I wanted to go on adventures, face some fears, dance naked in the mornings, and do naked yoga at home. So, I did. I took all these things on and filled my world with inspiring activities.

Clothes free living unlocked desire and action in me, and with that I’ve let go of compulsive overeating without a second thought. I consume when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m satisfied, effortlessly, organically. I’ve opened up books I hadn’t finished, written my heart on paper, connected with amazing people, and so much more.

Me clothes free: I feel. I desire. I move.

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12 thoughts on “What clothes free living unlocked in me

  1. OMG! This meant so much to me! I’ve had such a similar experience. I started naked yoga and meditation, and my compulsive overeating lifted away with the clothes.

  2. Excellent article that relates the transformational powers of clothes-free living. Living without clothing as much as possible reminds me everyday that the human body is scared and life is wonderful. Now that you discovered this joy, Hontouniheart, you have the rest of your life to be free in body and spirit. Peace.

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