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Why clothes free yoga?

What’s The Skinny On Naked Yoga?

Naked yoga is also not just some trend that popped up as a new way to attract attention. It’s been in the United States since the 60s but goes back even further than that and dates back to ancient times. It’s still practiced in India by religious figures.

Naked yoga may not be for everyone, but if you want to push your practice to new boundaries and experience a new level of intimacy with your own body and mind, then maybe naked yoga is a good venue to learn to be completely comfortable in your own skin.

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2 thoughts on “Why clothes free yoga?

  1. I think that the first challenge is convincing people to do Yoga in the first place… from what I hear, it’s no cake walk! I’d be nervous about looking up at the wrong second and seeing an anus (or the same for someone behind me) since we’d end up in contorted positions that might show a little more than we’d normally want to see or reveal, even while naked in public setting.

    1. In yoga clothes or not you are meant to pay attention to your own body and keep your focus on your mat not looking around at anyone else. Yoga is mostly about breathing when people do the mor difficult “contorted” poses it is about challenging themselves. You don’t need to do that to be doing yoga.

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