Spiritual and clothes free

Spiritual and clothes free

Naturism and Being Honest With Self and God

Going without clothing is not about exhibitionism, at least when there is no one around and very little likelihood that anyone would appear on this long abandoned trail. Just in case, I did have a pair of pants as a cover-up if I was to see a farmer out seeding his new crop. Being alone on the back-country prairie hills, I have no intention of creating drama within my home area. Going without clothes is, for me, something very spiritual in nature. On the trail there is just mother nature, father sky and myself. This becomes my church, my place to be honest with myself and my creator. No cover-up, no lies.

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual and clothes free

  1. I too have to have a pair of shorts at hand, should some one come calling or if I’m taking a walk. I always am naked either in my home or in my back yard but I have to share my backyard so I’m always on guard.

  2. I live in the wrong part of the country to enjoy that kind of clothes-free freedom. I live in a “dry” (NO PUBLIC NUDITY) county, so I can’t even walk out of my own door naked without risk of discovery. Some day…

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clothes free life

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