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At home clothes free my experience (a female perspective)

This is about at home nudism. I just thought to tell my story and wrote my thoughts. I hope you like it.

When I was a little girl I lived in my home country of Greenland. It’s not a good place for nudists, even with global warming making the ice retreat. So I wrapped myself in many layers of clothes, like everyone did. The clothing was another person on me, so heavy. I didn’t know anything different until I came to Toronto, Canada. My half-sister lived in Toronto with her man and their children. The children were young and they liked to go nude around the house and sometimes go to the country and be naked there. It was strange for me to see them that way, but I saw how happy they were. I was shy but I joined them. I tried being nude outdoors at a forest. We swam in a pond and sat under the sun. I felt very different–so free and happy. I wanted to run around that way.

When we would go home we put on clothes and then it felt strange to me. The clothes was tight against my skin and rubbed in some places and hurt. At home I wanted to take off the clothes again. My sister’s family did the same. It was not a rule, just they do everything without thinking to put on clothes first. My sister is a good example. She takes a shower, of course she’s nude, then after using a towel to dry she goes downstairs to get a drink. Maybe her daughter needs her help so she goes to help. Or her man is on the sofa reading a book and he is nude too. Nothing different, doing normal things without bother to put on clothes.

Even the children usually go without clothes in the house, yet as they get older the daughter wanted to put on play clothes. Then the son wanted to put on clothes. Because they liked fashions, like the characters on the shirt, more than being without the clothes.
I had my own room so I could do what I want and I always arrive home from college classes and throw off everything and rub my arms and body, forgetting about those clothes. So if I wear clothes they are loose and do not rub on my skin. I could never go back to wearing so much. Even in winter, it’s not a problem being nude at home. If I am cold I can put on a robe and socks.

So when guests come to the house we put on clothes. Usually we know when they are arriving so we are ready. It is not a secret really, just when opening the house to other people we treat them as a public place. They have some friends who visit and they know my family are nudists so they relax without my sister’s family getting dressed. If it’s a long visit she or her man invite the guests to be comfortable without clothes too.

Eventually my sister got a new job and the whole family moved to another city. I had to find another place to live so I moved in with a woman, who was friends with my sister’s family. I am from the cold north and my roommate is from a tropical nation yet it’s funny how I like to be nude and she likes to wear clothes even if the clothes do not cover her body much. I have my own room again so I always get comfortable when I come home from work and if I need to go out to the kitchen or bathroom or sometimes out to get the mail I don’t stop and put on some clothes first, I just go.

Now I have a job so I must wear clothes so I do not shock everyone! To be comfortable I wear as little as possible, like no bra and no tight garments. It’s better so when I get home it’s easy to get comfortable again, just strip down and shower then relax through the evening. Then I usually sleep nude, with a blanket in winter and no blanket in summer. My close friends know I’m nudist and some join me if we go out to the country to enjoy nature. Otherwise, nobody would know what I do at home!

Ann lives in Canada

Guest blogger Ann lives in Canada
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27 thoughts on “At home clothes free my experience (a female perspective)

  1. That was a great article. I would love to know if you felt like you had always been a nudist since you describe in Greenland wearing clothes was like wearing another person (like you were not being your true self) or was it something you discovered in you when you had your first nude experiences with your half sister and her family in Toronto? I am also curious as to what you think the general view of the people of Greenland think of nudity/nudism?

    1. Thanks for visit and sharing your feedback. I will pass your question on to the contributor who was the recent subject of a book about her life growing up in Greenland. Interested I was just reading a paper that suggest Eskimos wear very little if any clothes inside their igloos though they are completely covered up when outside . I have yet to verify so take it with a grain of salt.

      1. Snow is actually a very good insulator so the blocks of an igloo can retain heat very well. Though the people of the arctic north generally have a fair bit of body insulation themselves, I highly doubt it is warm enough in an igloo for in igloo nudism. But it should also be known that igloos are a thing of the past because of modern advancements and global warming.

  2. Thanks Ann for your story, more woman need to reach out as you have done and not feel that they can’t express themselves about a lifestyle we so much enjoy. I too do not like the feeling of clothing either and I do as much as humanly possible naked. TWO THUMBS UP GIRL!

    Naturally Yvonne

  3. That is a wonderful thing to experience. To live life without clothes can really give a person the ability to live and enjoy a natural form of life.

  4. Ann thanks for sharing your experience. It is ironic that for us to feel free we have to almost hide to do it. We need more places where we can feel free out in the great outdoors.

  5. What a wonderful story. So simply natural. naked is the best way to. Ann, I’m glad you came to Canada! We need more Canadians like you. Hope we meet some day.

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