The world’s best nude beaches and resorts review

The world’s best nude beaches and resorts review


This review has been on the drawing board for sometime, almost a year in fact. But after seeing a post about the best beaches in the Bay Area my memory was jogged so I pulled this from the article backlog and I finished up for posting.

Published by the Naturist Society in the US and Lifestyle Press in the UK , the cover of this guide says the reader “shouldn’t get undressed without it”; If ever there was a global guide to nude beaches and resort recreation this is it. Published in 2007 my copy included an insert with updates for 2010.

The book is divided into regional sections with colored faux tabs marking each section. Regions include the Caribbean, Latin America, US, Canada, Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, Italy, the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic, Australia, and New Zealand, covering over 1000 places and 50 countries. As you can see from the list the authors cover all the bases.

Each beach entry has information about the location including basic directions on getting to the beach as well as nearby overnight accommodations. additionally each page has beautiful images of people experiencing the locations clothes free and some small geographical maps.

What makes this book a must have for clothes free recreation is the inclusion of clothes free resort information. Each regional section has snippet descriptions and contact information about resorts within the area. As clothes free resources go we highly recommend this one. This is a must have for anyone interested in practicing clothes free recreation any where in the world.

The book is available in paperback from Amazon, Lifestyle Press and the Naturist Society.


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