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Naked Poems By Sea and on the Prairies Review

Naked Poems By Sea and on the Prairies by Robert Longpre

20140123-104328.jpgThis is the first book of poetry we have reviewed, and we couldn’t be more pleased. We have followed the tweets of author Robert Longpre aka Skyclad Therapist for some time. He is known for deeply profound tweets and posts which explore the connection between naturism and emotional healing with some Jungian psychology thrown on. In some respect this collection of poems continues in that vein.

Here is a except from one of my favorite poems Behind the Door

It is early morning and quiet
Peeking outside,
I wonder if I dare chance opening the door and stepping out into the sunshine wearing nothing but my morning smile.
What if the neighbour wakes and opens her door? What if there is a stranger who will walk
into the garden and see me?
What would I say?
How could I explain it?
Opening the door,
I tentatively step out,
touching the cement with my bare feet The pull to let go of the door
The door shuts behind me and I am free

The collection is divided into two sections as suggested by the title one group of fourteen poems themed around the sea and the second of twenty four grounded in the wide open places of the prairies. There is a meditative quality to all the poems which takes the reader on a journey into an exploration of being sky clad, and being still with titles such as Naked and Vulnerable, Be Patient A Moment in the Sun, Naked Angst, Body Mind & Spirit and Naked on the Prairie. Interspersed throughout the book between the poems are some evocative photos many of the author, each with a brief accompanying verse that explore the theme of the collection. This work is a fine expression of clothes free/naturist literature not just in the poetry genre. If you practice sky clad/clothes free living and enjoy engaging poetry then get a copy of this collection get your favorite beverage find a comfortable place to reading and dive into this collection. It is a pleasure to read and a credit to the author as an ambassador of clothes free living through his writing.

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3 thoughts on “Naked Poems By Sea and on the Prairies Review

  1. The address of the blog site is – New poems are found there, some of which are destined for the second volume of poems hopefully sometime in the late spring or early summer. Thank you for the kind review. 🙂

    Robert Longpre – a.k.a. @skycladtherapy (twitter)

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