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Naked Meditation

clothes free meditation is best

Naked Meditation

The interesting bit is that for meditation it is always emphasised that it’s important to wear clothing that doesn’t feel tight or restrictive.

Now, what can be less restrictive than no clothes at all? (Except for when it comes to your own mind that tells you to wear something because being naked is wrong? In which case you should retrain your mind, but that’s my opinion.) That is the awareness I had when I started into nudism and naturism. After trying it, I decided that meditating in the nude was the ultimate way to do it for me. There is literally nothing that is ‘around’ you. No itching from fabric, no restraints from elastics.

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One thought on “Naked Meditation

  1. It is clear to me that both yoga and meditation should be done naked. For me it is not the restrictiveness of the clothing but the spiritual openness that come from being naked. When you are conscious that you are physically unencumbered in any way, would are much more prone to spiritual openness.

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