Naked Meditation: How to Completely Accept Your Naked Self

Naked Meditation: How to Completely Accept Your Naked Self

How to Practice a Naked Meditation

Naked Meditation: How to Completely Accept Your Naked Self

Naked meditation is a great way to become more comfortable with your naked self.

One of the main goals of meditation is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, so practicing a simple meditation while being completely naked can help us become more familiar and accepting of our naked self.

Here are steps to follow to practice a form of naked meditation on your own:

Find a comfortable time and place where you can have alone time. This way you won’t be interrupted or distracted, and you can let yourself become fully engaged in the meditation without any worries.
Make sure you are completely 100% naked. Once you’re ready, take off all clothes, make-up, and accessories before the meditation.
Sit down in a comfortable posture that isn’t going to irritate you if you sit for a long period of time.
Start with 5-10 minutes of deep, slow breathing until you feel more relaxed and centered in yourself. Pay attention to the sensations of your breathing and any other sensations you feel in your body.
Practice repeating small affirmations associated with a positive body image. For example:
“I love myself and my body.
“Nudity is a natural state of existence.“
“There are no such thing as ‘imperfections’ just differences.”
“Everyone has beauty in them.”
“I am secure with my body and sexuality.”
Try doing this meditation in front of a full-length mirror with your eyes open to fully accept your body as it is. Look at your body honestly without making judgmental statements like, “I hate that part.” or “That looks weird.”
If you begin to feel too insecure or judgmental while looking at your body, go back to the positive affirmations. The main goal is to begin to associate more positive thoughts and feelings with how you see yourself.

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  1. I like to lay on my bed naked at night and read my Bible, and have read most of the Bible that way. God already knows what I look like, so there is no reason for me to Hide from Him. It is the last thing I do before I slip naked between the sheets.

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