Buying Naked

Buying Naked

TLC special Buying  Naked aired November 20 at 10p.m. Eastern. The show featured real estate agent Jackie Youngblood showing two newlywed couples around homes to fit their clothes free lifestyle. Here are some thoughts I shared live with tweeps by way of a review.  I give Buying Naked a thumbs up mainly for the depiction of everyday ordinary people living clothes free life just like everyone else.  They showed the pools and workout rooms and recreation and dining facilities at clothes free resort communities in Pasco County Florida. There were lots of strategically places objects but no pixelization. This is unlike the Discovery Channel show Naked and Afraid which had much pixelization. One twitter follower @odie1077 commented “I see that scenes of full backsides made it to air.” One feature of the show was a pop up of nudist rules. Some made sense other were just common sense not specific to clothes free living.  Here are a few

  • Nudist greet with handshake not hugs. I wonder if that is true
  • Nudists like privacy. You think? Clothes free folks are not exhibitionists. 
  • Nudist rule put screen in front of fireplace. This is just common sense  anyone not just nudists. 
  • Nudists love bidets? OK if you say so. The one in this house was not very pretty
  • Finally got around to put a towel down where you sit 23 minutes into the program. That would have been my first rule. 

Earlier in the show the first home buy was using the gym equipment without putting down a towel. A bigger no no than hugging in my book. Later they showed a clip of a person working out in the gym without towel first and then tell the couple you can work out naked just remember to bring towel should be told first.  The couples features were likable and seemed genuine about their practice of the clothes free lifestyle. The prices for the homes were high they were comparable to other areas like NYC  and seemed a good value (ex. indoor pool 5000 sq ft for under 400k).  There were brief glimpses (repeated several times)  of a persons of color.  There also was  a African American delivery man who was surprised to run into clothes free people on his second delivery to the community. There weirdest part of the show was a pool cleaner who walks in on nude buyers. The surprised pool guy comments that he was used to watching women in bikinis looked forward to watching the  naked woman when he came to clean the pool. Creepy! All in all it was a good representation of the clothes free lifestyle. Not sure if there is enough for an actual series. Maybe the next edition could focus on condos homes that are a little less pricey.  Buying Naked Sneak Peek Photo Gallery .

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6 thoughts on “Buying Naked

  1. Great to see (no pun intended) the USA is starting to lighten up on the subject of C/O.

    Good article overall.

  2. We thought it was a good representation of the nudist lifestyle although on a higher plane than most of us experience.

      1. The other thing was that all the nudist in the background and those two couples that were buyers were all far nicer looking than any we have at our resorts that we regularly visit. While they did show a fair amount of backside nudity we thought a little frontal nudity would have been acceptable as well. However I guess we have to maintain some standards on TV. Even though it’s just fine to show someone getting shot to hell.

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