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Naked Yoga at Evolvefest Yoga & Music Festival 2013

naked yoga
naked yoga (Photo credit: curlybird)


Naked Yoga at Evolvefest Yoga & Music Festival 2013


Slowly a few others found their way to us… we became twelve, then fifteen, then twenty, then thirty, then more. Soon the clouds parted and we had the room filled at capacity. Even Jordan, the co-founder of Young Naturists America, a proud naturist who has also devoutly stated he would never practice yoga, joined us for a group exercise and then sat and meditated with us during Savasana. Zen Marie Holmes who offers naked yoga classes in New York popped in halfway through the class to offer her support. Even Tony from the festival kitchen staff came and joined us after I mentioned the class to him the previous afternoon. With ten minutes left of the class, stragglers were still wandering in the door taking off their clothes and rolling out their mats for the final few forward bends. As we closed in a final meditation offering our intentions for naked yoga as a practice of healing and transformation out into the world, I looked around the room at the faces of peace and tranquility, of acceptance and love and felt, yes, Evolvefest was indeed ready.


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