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Nudity and Holiness – An Intimate Relationship

Nudity and Holiness – An Intimate Relationship

Intimacy is about relationship, a significant relationship in which one discloses the fullness of oneself, more than what one knows consciously about the self. Nudity tells our significant other that we trust her or him enough to make ourselves vulnerable. We open ourselves to everything that comes with intimate relationship; not just sex, but everything. Part of that intimacy with other is as much about cultivating an intimacy with oneself as it is with the other. When my significant other sees me, naked, she sees more than skin. She sees things about me that I am unaware of, things that I am blind to – perhaps she isn’t even consciously aware of what she sees and senses in me, but it is all there because of the gift of vulnerability and openness. Sharing these two gifts with each other, we experience something deeper, an intimacy of soul as well as body.

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