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American Nudist the Lost Journal – Review

This book could best be described as a mashup. It is part memoir, part history, part guide to nudist and clothes free living. This is makes the book simultaneously interesting and challenging to read.  The chapters can go from any one of the above mentioned genres to the next with what might seem like no rhyme or reason to the reader. Still I encourage you to stick with it.  If you can give up your expectations of a seamless flow the reader will a treasure trove of information and perspective on the nudist lifestyle.

Look past the mashup format of the book you will find real useful nuggets of information for any nudist/naturist. My favorite part of the book was the historical aspect. I especially appreciated seeing how the western missionary view of nudity had come to dominate and be adopted by the native Hawaiian people.

Young’s journey into social nudism and subsequent in and out of what he describes as a “movement” is sprinkled through the book and offers up some interesting stories about the development of the naturist community in Hawaii. Finally the book offers some good tips about starting a naturist group and promoting naturism, and shared some not so good experiences of living the clothes free lifestyle.

This book is certainly worth reading if for no other reason that to get a sense of the wax and wane of naturist efforts in America’s paradise. Be prepared to read a second or third time to really appreciate the fullness and depth of this volume.

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