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iswim nude


iSwimnude describes itself as

the App for the naturist. It’ll show you where other people go swimming in the nude and allows you to post your own locations.

The app requires access to your location in order to provide appropriate lists of nude swim locations. The app asks to use your location when first launched. If you choose not to give permission at that time you can turn this on later from the privacy setting of your iDevice. Though designed for the iPhone/iPod the app functions as well on the iPad in single or 2x mode.

Once it can ascertain your location iSwimnude provides a list of places for skinny dipping with the distance to the location in either kilometers or miles. The locations can also be viewed as pins on a map. The app returned 25 locations on my test as close as 100 miles and as far as 500 miles.  However several nudist venues close by we’re not listed. I suspect this is due to the user submitted nature of the app.

Once a location is chosen from the list or the pin map, additional information such as an address, web site, email and directions (that can be routed through the maps app) are provided. The location can also be viewed as an individual pin on a map and some locations also have ratings and comments attached.

If your regular nude  swim location is not listed you can add it to the iSwimnude listings with some conditions using the app’s I swim here feature. The location must be entered while at the location as the app uses GPS location to determine the exact location accurate to plus or minus 71 yards according to the app manual.

You can only post locations when you are at that place! 

There is also space for adding a description of the location. Then you can send the information to the listing database. This listing can be withdrawn up to two hours after it is sent after which it becomes a permanent part of the database.

Some interesting future additional to the app might be adding some social networking feature like sharing locations to twitter or Facebook in addition to the already present email function.

last updated 7/2016

According to the web site – New version of the iphone app: by invoking (if installed) complete offline navigation is available!

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