Florida Nude Recreation Guide review

Florida Nude Recreation Guide review

At the outset the book states “Florida is become a mecca” for the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Recent chats with nudists on online nudie communities bear out the premise for the Florida Nude Recreation Guide. Author Thomas Berns provides a valuable resource for anyone visiting the sunshine state and looking for clothes free naturist/nudist experiences. Berns starts by laying out the many options for nudist experiences in the state. He follows by giving a brief overview of the benefits of naturism and review of some misconceptions about nudism. A short set of frequently asked questions about nudism completes this introductory part of the book. The main portion of the book consists of the previously mentioned options for nude experiences. Beaches, resorts, cruises, camping, hotels and even clothing optional bars and festivals are covered. Each section gives a bit of background information on the nude activity such as cost or tips on how to prepare. 


The beach section is broken up into regions and each beach listing has a map link as well as directions to the beach. In addition, information specific to each beach and precautions about getting to the right places for skinny dipping since the only legal place for nude swimming and sunbathing in Florida is Haulover beach in Miami.


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The 26 clubs and 10 nudist/clothing optional venues are also covered through a directory listing at the end of the book. There are also tips for first timers and other useful information for taking a nakation at a resort in Florida. The directory listing includes links to resort and club web sites along with other contact information.  I think I would prefer to have this in the same format as the beach section.


For those whose idea of going natural means roughing by camping this section provide ample information to get the reader going on planning and  finding everything for a great nude camping experience.

 B&B and Hotels

This sections covers the non resort accommodations in Florida that are clothing optional or nudist friendly.

Cruises & sailing

The cruise and sailing section gives a list of nude cruise and sailing options in Florida preceded by some useful information about nude sailing/cruises and cruises in general. Sections on clothing optional bars and festivals that allow for nudity round out the offering of this nude recreation guide. Berns has pulled together a virtual cornucopia of Florida”s nude recreation options. You might be able to gather this information by taking time to search Google or other sources. However having all the info in one place at the finger tips makes the guide invaluable and recommended. I hope this guide gets updated with current information for time to time. I suspect that clothes free folks could use a California edition. The guide is available on Amazon in Kindle format for only $2.99. From time to time it is also available for free.

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  1. Thanks for your review, I truly appreciate it! I tried to cover all aspects of nude recreation in the state of Florida for those already practicing nudism and those that are contemplating it. Keep up the great work on this blog.

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