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nude pickleball the new nude volleyball?

Pickleball the hot new nude activity

During a recent visit to a nude resort I was talking to someone about improvements at the resort. The person joyfully shared that in addition to the new pool, there were all new pickleball courts.  He went on to say the resort where he and his wife live in Florida has hundreds of people (not nudists) who play this game. I started doing some research and discovered what I believe is a trend. Pickleball is becoming a fast growing activity at nudist venues. A quick look at several nude resort websites showed Pickle Ball listed as an activity option.

Some nude venues that list  pickleball as an activity are

What is Pickleball? Well my take is that it is a cross between platform tennis and paddleball, played on a tennis court. One pickleball site describes the game as a cross between badminton, tennis, and ping-pong. The ball is a slightly smaller than normal whiffle ball.


Empire Haven Camp has hosted a skill level tournament two years in a row. While I don’t expect Pickleball to surpass volleyball as the naturist activity of choice. This game seems like an exciting option for nudists of all ages who want to stay active outdoors.

For more information including the history equipment, and rules of Pickleball check out the following sites

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