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bath time with kids can get you trouble


Last night, my sister-in-law was telling me about a radio interview she heard on the way to work the other day.  The guest, a single father, recently found himself under Child Protective Services investigation after some mothers of his 6-year-old son’s friends reported him for showering with his child.

These mothers apparently think because the dad showers with his son, he’s a pedophile.  NOT because the kid reported his dad touched him inappropriately or because the kid reported his dad demanded to be touched inappropriately by his son.

Simply because the dad showered with his 6-year-old son.  Period.

 How things have changed people used to bathe with young children all the time with not fear of anything sexual or running up against the law. 


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5 thoughts on “bath time with kids can get you trouble

  1. Well that’s part of the problem right, if a man is nude he’s a pervert. A woman can be nude just about anywhere anytime and little will be said or done because of it.

  2. Yes this is just wrong and just shows to how screwed up our society has become. My brother and I regularly showered with our parents and my wife and I showered with our children both sons and daughter. That’s all it ever was, it was often a matter of convenience. These busy body women that reported this dad obviously and wrongly associate nudity with someone as being equal to sex. This is sad for both the father and son and points to bigger problems in our society.

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