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diving into nudism

Taking Splash as Nudist

Noticeboards at UCPH are full of good and bad offers: travel, jobs, books, therapy etc. But one stands out with its promises of improved self-worth, happiness, self-awareness and social life, the Danish Naturist Association suggests going for a skinny dip. Now that has to be put to the test!


When Frederiksberg Swimming Baths closes, Sunday evening, the Danish Naturist Association is set loose. Every week, they have nude swimming on offer and everyone is invited. They only have one rule; no clothing is allowed.

You can’t tell the difference between people here, and that makes for an entirely different forum in which to talk to each other. You end up looking at personalities,« says Helle, one of the people behind the initiative. I meet her in the mens’ changing room, which houses both genders for the occasion.


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