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A Last Swim

Last Naked Swim At Newcastle City Pool: Farewell Dip Before Baths Close via Sky News

“It is hard to find places to go, with most modern swimming pools having big glass windows and buildings like the City Pool all closing down.

“That can be sorted by using blinds though, and there’s probably more of an issue with some pools saying we don’t want to be involved, we don’t want naked people in our pool.

“I don’t understand it, we pay thousands every year for it, is our money a different colour to other people’s money?”

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One thought on “A Last Swim

  1. In big cities like the one I live in,they struggle to keep the pools open. The paid swim clubs have seen a dip in membership,and the public pools are mobbed. If they set aside a day every week for us,BOTH problems would be alleviated,at least for a day. Why not?

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