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What’s a Nudist to Do? By Nekidgamer

I have always been a home nudist , and my earliest experience was skinny dipping with friends in a local pond. I also would go to friends houses as a teen for sleepovers and we all would skinny dip in the pool or run in the sprinklers. This last year was my first resort experience and I loved it. I would love to try out different nudist and clothing optional venues but I must admit there is some trepidation. I know this is not very acceptable by some nudist to say but I am uncomfortable with the idea of family resorts.

I am concerned with the fact of creepy people checking out kids at resorts and you can’t say there are no pedophiles at nudist resorts its statistically impossible . I’ve met a few so-called male nudist who made inappropriate comments about children giving them erections , or women liking the young boys bodies. I figure if I wouldn’t bring my daughter there then I shouldn’t be there either. I prefer to stay with adults maybe that’s a bit overly cautious but that’s how I feel. I personally think family resorts should have full criminal checks to be members or guests.

There are also the nudist resorts with more of a swinger party atmosphere and if that’s what you’re looking for then go for it. It personally isn’t for me I don’t care for the atmosphere or the need for free clinic visits. Plus I have had friends who went to them and most of the stories were centered around dram. I hate drama that’s what family is for I get to choose my friends. I go to resorts to get away and relax away from drama and stress. I am not one of those people who believe being a nudist makes you be free of ever having a sexual thought about another nudist I just choose to keep it that a thought. Nudity should not always be associated with sex that’s a fact but we are all still sexual beings who have thoughts and desires. I admire the view of beautiful people as I admire a beautiful sunset. I’m past my time of party stage so I have no interest in getting drunk and being the latest party favor. I like to be relaxed, lay out, visit with friends or just read a book best of all I love to skinny dip.

Is it “Hike Naked Day?”
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There are a few things I would like to try nude hiking for one it sounds invigorating and fun even if my shallow side smirks at the idea of being naked in tennis shoes. I also would love to go to a beach and do some body surfing though you probably won’t see me with the families. I did check out some nude hiking groups and found there isn’t much inclusion. Why we must separate into couples, singles, gay and lesbian is beyond me? If we are all adults, who I sleep with shouldn’t matter when going together on a nude hike. There needs to be more inclusion in the nudist community as long as everyone treats each other with respect that’s all that should matter. I would love to find more nudist friends to have dinner parties or pool parties with. I’m not interested in swinging just alternative place to be nude other than resorts. I even like the idea of nude driving though for women especially ones like me with large breast I can see the many obstacles. I love my life and the freedom of being nude I just want more opportunities to express that side of me.

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16 thoughts on “What’s a Nudist to Do? By Nekidgamer

  1. I did something different the other day nude, although I doubt many people would consider it a fun or exciting group activity. I got out the brushes and swept the chimney! And do you know what? I didn’t get anywhere near as dirty as I do usually! Clothes trap the dust and carbon particles, smash and rub them into the skin, leaving it coated with greasy grit and grim that’s hard to wash away. Boy do I feel like a dope for never trying it before!

    As for dubious individuals at nudist resorts, I’ve encountered far more of them at the train station. However, here is a good rule to remember: If you don’t feel right about doing something, then don’t do it!
    There is a reason. It can be as simple and straightforward as not being ready to try something new or as complex and controversial as a foreboding or premonition of a disagreeable experience or event to come. Trust yourself…

  2. Your concerns are of course valid… i just wanted to point out that family style resorts do do a full background check on anyone who comes in. I think its safer than being at a community pool.

    1. It’s more dangerous by a mile. Someone who won’t pass a background check likely won’t even try to enter a resort. There are beyond any doubts, pervs at resorts, they just haven’t been caught and therefor aren’t on the radar. Multiple murderer Cary Stayner was arrested at Laguna del Sol. He passed the background check to get in, because he wasn’t convicted of anything yet.

  3. Thanks for writing this article full of common sense! I haven’t tried nude hiking but love nude swimming. One of the best times I experienced was on a deserted beach in Portugal where I was able to walk for some distance without seeing anyone – bliss! It was also a good beach for swimming. Looking forward to the summer…

    1. Nicky, probably one of the most satisfying things we have done as nudist is make friends with other nudist and this is easily done thru nude groups or resorts. Having nude friends over for cooking, wine tasting and playing cards/game is a terrific time. However the best time is spent outdoors. Nude hiking is awesome. The nudist community as whole is very accepting and non judgemental. We simply accept people for who and what they are.

      1. Which is why I am lucky to live in New England because their are plenty of places where I can go Nude Hiking, skinny dipping or even go out Camping nude in such places as the Green Mountain National Forest, Arcadia National park or the White Mountains national Forest. For me most nudist resorts are foreign to me cause I never been in one or never got invited to one. Being born Intersex, I am always weary If I am ever going to be accepted into the Nudist community. Which is why I have always stuck to at home nudism and Skinny Dipping.

        1. Hey there is nothing wrong with your nude adventures, we are nude at home 90% of the time. And we enjoy those same nude outdoor activities that you do, it’s always on public land so one has to be watchful but even when we have been busted no one has ever complained. It becomes a teaching moment about the nude lifestyle along with an apology if they were offended. Most are not, a few have even asked to take our pics nude with their cell phone so they can share with friends or family, somedays it’s the greatest being a nudist !!!

      2. Ah yes, but not everyone is a SOCIAL nudist! Nicky has special issues which are exactly what social nudism can be a cure for, but only for those ready to overcome their fears. It’s not easy to to do sometimes.

        We give Nicky a lot of credit for coming this far! Were we neighbors, we would try to do more to help, but…

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