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Christian and Happily Nude

vis1Christian Nudist is many times regarded as a oxymoron. I’ve had people ask me how can you be a Christian and a nudist? Personally I think its very easy to be both Christian and nudist.  When Adam and Eve covered themselves it wasn’t because of nudity its because they were ashamed of their sin. Simple nudity is not sin or we could go in a steam room, shower at a gym or go see a Dr. Why is it OK for Dr. and nurses to see us nude because they went to college? Our society has created a unhealthy view of nudity, now always linked with sex to that point that breast feeding is frowned upon . Pornography and sexually explicit TV has warped the view of nudity to be ugly or perverted. We have been taught that different sizes, races  and aged bodies are gross and something to be shamed of. What has that gotten us, but   a world where we get grossed out or ashamed by nudity.

I have been a caregiver of elderly and I see their family members appalled by their naked parent because we have been taught old people are ugly, fat people are ugly anything beyond social norm of  main stream beauty should be covered up and hidden away. We wonder why children are in hospitals for anorexia and the number of patients are going up. If people aren’t starving themselves they are cutting their body up with plastic surgery in the name of beauty and perfection they even created a TV show just for that purpose. Our culture has  taught us  by media and society what the picture of a “perfect” body is like. We look at ourselves  and judge not enough muscle, too short , too tall ,too much tummy, too little breast, wide hips,  it goes on and on. Nude no one is covering , sucking in , taping down and  lifting up body parts to the point of pain  trying to impress, it is just here I am take me as I am . The temple of God is beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Nudity is a great equalizer. Isn’t that the way God says to come to him just as you are?

Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer (1507) given by...
Adam and Eve by Albrecht Dürer (1507) given by Christina of Sweden to King Philip IV in 1654. see below) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a nudist atmosphere we are more aware of Gods beautiful world.  When we go through life we  rush around, being nude outdoors causes us to become in touch with our surroundings.  We feel the air and sun on our entire body we experience textures differently .  We experience the water on our skin while swimming just as you enjoy sand  or grass between your toes same is with the rest of your body the experience is enhanced and appreciated on a different level. Many nudists love to meditate and worship in a place where they can sit in peace surrounded by Gods beauty communicating with their creator the way they were born. How can that be perverted or wrong?

Amongst nudists there is body acceptance there is no judgment among nudist we don’t care what age you are, what race you are, your size does not matter.  There is a reason why nudists tend to open up and socialize easily no pretense nothing to prove, no clothes to strut  no concern of status. There are no clothes to see and generalize the quality or reputation of the person you have to actually get to know them. We talk about many different subjects and we may not all agree but we respect.You realize it doesn’t matter what you look like God made you just the way you are….even with wrinkles, a normal size penis and real breast that dont defy gravity. If God declared it is good then who are we to judge.

People relate nudity with porn which in our society its rampant and people are plagued with debt , sex addiction, and unrealistic sexual expectations .Many people in our culture  are obsessed nudity.  Why?  We have been taught that nudity equals sex.  Look at commercials they use sex to sell everything! Simple non sexual nudity helps deprogram the warped  mind  in a nude setting all is seen.  People learn that all bodies are good not just surgically enhanced porn bodies.  Nudism sheds light on the  lie of the world has told us  regarding the body.  We are enlightened by the goodness of seeing the body in all ages, sizes, shapes and colors. No where in the Bible does it say nudity is wrong , it has to do with sexual perversions.. Modesty was in the context of behavior and I’ve seen many immodest fully clothed people. Simple innocent nudity is not evil we were born naked, we die naked God did not create us to be ashamed of our bodies. I sleep naked, I relax naked , I cook naked and I pray naked  God created me this way I refuse to be ashamed.- I am a Christian Nudist!

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17 thoughts on “Christian and Happily Nude

  1. Hi. I have been changing in my ideas about nudity the last few years. I posted a shirtless pic on Facebook and quoted the Isaiah passage and said that I wish God had told me to do something like that. I had supporters and critics. Check out me on instagram: crazyonwildwood. I’d like to connect with some of you.

  2. We are created by God. And God created us as His image.
    That is why we need no worry about our body looks like. Accept it, because our body is the best gift that God has given to us 🙂

  3. Great article indeed! How could a God who hates nudity tell the prophet Isaiah to go barefoot and naked for three years?
    Also brought to mind when Jesus cursed the fig tree. The fig leaves represented our efforts to provide our own covering for sin. Jesus cursed that and went to the cross to died naked for us!
    He died naked for me; I’ll live naked for Him!

  4. Great article. I always wondered if anyone else knew that Adam and Eve covered themselves not because of the nudity. However, I think it’s more of they were ashamed of their body, but even if that was the case, your point still remains. In other words, excellent points.

    1. Don’t you mean naturist? A Christian can’t be a naturalist, as the naturalists believe everything is governed by nature, not God. Not trying to offend you are anything, just simply saying that a naturist and a naturalist are different.

  5. I’ve always thought that when Adam &Eve covered themselves, it was their faces, not genitalia or breasts. Why on earth would they think it necessary to cover those?!?
    The Psalmist says “I hide my face in shame, for my sin is great before me”.

  6. I really like this article, after reading it, I felt very happy and content about my body and spirit. Nekidgamer is a great writer.

  7. Well said. From the Gospel of Thomas; vs 37 His disciples said, “When will You become revealed to us and when shall we see You?”Jesus said, “When you disrobe without being ashamed and take up your garments and place them under your feet like little children and tread on them, then [will you see] the Son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid”

  8. This is a very well written statement regarding true nudist !! We only wish more people could/would read it without prejudice.

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