Our First Clothing Optional Experience

Our First Clothing Optional Experience


My husband and I had been talking , and daring each other to go to a clothing
optional resort for years finally for our 11th anniversary we tiptoed into the shallow end and went to Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs CA. Opting for a Day Pass just $40 a couple. I did some research as I always do and found they had great reviews for Newbies. Its adults only and NON-swinger, Non party scene which was what we were looking for. We were admittedly a little nervous but excited since we tended to only be nude at home. I had many skinny dippingoccasions with friends but strangers was a little more scary. We rang the doorbell and were sweetly greeted by Tom Mulhall and Jude their beautiful dog and mascot I think. Tom is a sweet man in nothing but tennis shoes and a bow tie. He greeted us warmly gave us a little tour and signed us in quickly. The place was kinda retro style but clean and well kept with a beautiful pool, large jacuzzi and lots of shade and green areas …very serene but quite busy they were totally booked!

After we undressed in the Day Room and applied plenty of sunscreen (I’m very pale and freckled so I burn easy) we ventured out into the sun. My husband walked out totally nude and smiling jumping in with both feet and I, the always nude one at home slipped out with a sarong around my waist. I love that its clothing optional lets people have choice. Freedom isn’t that what its about?

We scoped out a place with shade to sit and relax. In no time I felt settled, shed my cover and took a look around. There were many ages, shades and sizes of people. Some people just relaxing, others talking, reading, playing in the pool or getting complimentary snacks. It was so relaxing, I’ve never seen my husband so relaxed in a new environment he actually fell asleep… who woulda thunk it! We bought lunch there (they ordered in) I’m on a particular diet so it wasn’t a great place for me unless I just wanted a salad. I do love that you are encouraged to bring your own food and drinks (including alcohol). The friendly staff passed out strawberries and other snacks as Tom got into the pool to pour guests a complimentary glass of wine… That’s what I call Service! He seemed to know everyone’s names and really made everyone feel important. Mary Clare wasn’t there that day but I’ve since met her and shes a wonderfully sweet woman who is just as dedicated to her guest !

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Here is the thing, the amenities is not what made me fall in LOVE with this place it was the owners Tom and Mary Clare, staff and visitors! They were all were so kind and welcoming. They didn’t invade our space but we felt apart of everything. I find nudity lowers your guard so socializing was easy and carefree. No one was behaving in a sexual manner, not that no one notices a attractive guest they just behave as adults should. We took a dip in the pool met some new people. I think the thing that sold me on clothing optional or nude resorts 100% was meeting a woman in the jacuzzi with one breast she was beautiful and confident and she made me proud to be a woman! Seems simple but so many people are caught up in shallowness of body image and this confident woman with an amazing smile talked to us about how much she loved the freedom of nudism and just shared her experiences! I seriously told my husband I would so live there if our daughter was grown!

Since our visit we have been back a few times for the day and for a weekend. Made new friends that share many of the same interests that we enjoy spending time with whether we wear clothes or just a smile!. I loved staying the weekend, day pass just isn’t enough. The rooms are spacious, nicely decorated and beds are so comfortable. They are reasonably priced  and worth every penny. Nearby is great restaurants, entertainment and shopping (yes they made me put on clothes and venture out ) I may try other resorts sometime would love to go Nude Hiking and to a clothing optional beach. Here is the Truth Terra Cotta Inn will be the 1st place I want to go for great fun and relaxation with friends old and new. Well until I can get back to Terra Cotta, never longer than a few months. Ill be at my house in the back yard playing naked in the sprinklers 😉

Editor’s Note: Terra Cotta is no longer a clothing optional resort.

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7 thoughts on “Our First Clothing Optional Experience

  1. I think it depends how you look at it if you are in front of strangers or friends. In front of friends, you could be of the mindset well…hey, if they are true friends, then they accept me for how I am. In front of strangers, who cares, because you will probably never see them again. Anyways, good post.

  2. You say you would like to live there when your child is grown. Try visiting a family naturist resort and take the young one with you.

    Children are natural-born naturists. And it will teach your child that bodies are nothing of which to be ashamed. Start teaching her now before the warped clothed society gets there hooks into her.

    1. I am ok with kids being nude but I feel best at home with Family and friends I know rather than Strangers I actually had been on a few family nude sites and later was contacted by some real Creeps so I will teach my daughter at home to be comfortable and unashamed and maybe when shes old enough to kick a creeps ass we will venture out as a family:)

    1. Wow, great information! Thanks for sharing. Now I am so kicking myself, my wife was going to take me to TCI for my 40th, but for some reason I decided to do something else. And as most couples I the husband is more gung ho about clothes freedom… I Am hoping she will want to visit this summer for my bday. Keep your fingers crossed!

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