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Nudist plea – Stop Making Us Look Bad

Stop Making Us Look Bad via Home Nudist

Please if you are sitting at home fully clothed and calling youself a nudist so you don’t feel like a pervert posting sexual pics on the web stop or change your name from nudist to what ever it is you really want to post. If you are posting pics of nudes and then putting comments about how their body looks or the size of their penis or breasts or that they are hot or ugly…you are not a nudist …

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3 thoughts on “Nudist plea – Stop Making Us Look Bad

  1. Naturism is not an appreciation for the body parts of the naked, it is an inclusive philosophy. We respect the whole person, our selves and others. We also have respect for GOD’s creation of nature.

    Nudism is similar enough to become synonymous.

    Both do NOT focus attention on the individual qualities of individual PARTS of a person. That is more akin to a meat-market-manager.

    (t-shirt slogan)

    Don’t be a meat market manager. Just get naked and enjoy nature.

  2. Exactly !!! As nudist we openly admire the bodies of other nudist and hope we get the same. But we don’t go about publicly commenting about others body parts or body size as there is beauty to be found in all nude bodies !!

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