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Observations from my first summer of social nudism

After a summer social nudism here are observations from my first summer experience.

  • Nudists are a microcosm of the larger society. This summer I met nudist who were democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, nice and less nice, welcoming and less welcoming, talkative and quiet. All kinds of people are nudists
  • Nudists do really come in all shapes and sizes. On my visit to the resort There were all kinds of body shapes, levels of fitness, heights, widths when it comes to body types and shape the nudist community really is diverse.
  • By and large nudist are friendly people. Just as with the rest of society there are people who are super friendly and other not so much. Good thing for me I always came across some friendly folks.
  • it’s hard for single guys to know how to interact. I keep thinking on every visit I don’t want to come across as pushy or trying seem like a troll. So I usually waited for others to interact. That my have had the effect of seeming stand offish but oh well I think it was the better of the two perceptions.
  • Nudity is absolutely NOT inherently sexual. It was really amazing how much more sexually charged the clothed world is than having everyone nude. Even standing next to someone of the opposite gender in a coed had not even a hint of sexual overtones.
  • Clothes can create a sexual atmosphere. At the dances I observed that skimpy clothing did more to create a sexual atmosphere than being nude.
  • African Americans are nudists too. Every time I visited the resort I saw a African American. Some were in interracial relationships, some were with friends, some kept to themselves, some reached out in conversation. There are not many of us but we are there.
  • Nudists play some serious volleyball. So I had seen some pictures, but nothing compared to the quality and intensity of the volleyball I saw on several of my visits. It was great to watch. Hopefully I can participate in the future.
  • The erection problem is not a problem. At no time did I notice any guy get aroused. I never experienced that either. You can separate sex and nudity.
  • Nudists are fun. I met some fun people had some laughs and shared good times.
  • Being nude outdoors is a wonderful feeling. I loved swimming nude, being in the sun feeling the breeze on my skin, walking barefoot. I wish I had not waited so long to try. As one friend I made said I think you are hooked. Yeah I am I can’t wait for next summer and I am looking forward to many more socially nude experiences and making many nude friends.
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