My first visit to a nudist resort

My first visit to a nudist resort

A couple of weekend ago I gathered up my courage and did something I had thought about doing for many year. After hanging about nude at home for over 6 six years now, I made a first visit to a nudist resort. I had thought about doing this for sometime and checked everything out this was the perfect time and as it turned out the perfect place. Turtle Lake Resort is not a very long drive and the folks online and on the phone were very helpful in the planning of the visit.

I was apprehensive about going to a nude resort by myself as a black man. I had heard stories about single males at resort being inappropriate and how resort scrutinized single men as a result so did not know how I would be recieved. But I was not going to back out now. I packed up what few things I needed, a tent to camp in and some food, a warm jacket and made the drive. As I approached the resort entrance there was equal amount of excitement and anxiety.

As I got out of the car I immediately encountered another person of color. Though he was fully dressed, it made me relax a bit even though he seemed to be walking away from the office not to it. I proceeded to the office to register there was one other person ahead of me and the resort staff kindly asked me to wait one moment. Then almost immediately after, someone else came out to the front desk and started to help me. Registration was effortless and staff was very welcoming. Nothing like the twenty questions interrogation I had imagined. I provided ID signed up for AANR membership (more on that later) and got a camp site with electric and water. The whole process took about fifteen minutes and then someone came to give a tour.

My tour guide L was a man arrived nude, and took me out to a golf cart to begin the tour. He asked if this was my first time and I replied to any nude resort. Then he drove me around the grounds pointing out the facilities while sprinkling in the norms of the resort. Always carry a towel to sit on, speed limit is 9 miles, family resort so keep behavior should fit in family environment, cover up with a towel if something should.. eh, come up. After pointing out all the places to go and things to do he took me back to my car and a got the code to enter the grounds. And so it began. More to come.

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  1. Awesome post! Now to find the follow up post. Very interested in your first visit. We were all there at one point….it’s like you we’re watching my first visit, and decided to write about it!

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